Getting fancy with foils

We offer several custom finishes to your prints at Mojoprint, one of which is metallic foiling (a.k.a hot stamping). It is a technique used widely on christmas and other greeting cards. The metallic, shiny little angels, presents and various tear-jerking messages of good will to be found on such cards […]

New PDF magazine submission guidelines

From August 2010, we are now asking our customers submitting magazine data by PDF to please use our new PDF/x settings. These settings will flatten any transparency/drop-shadow effects used in your document during the PDF creation process and reduce the risk of transparency errors when your data is output to […]

Adding bleed in Photoshop

Most of the tutorials featured on this site, concern the creation of data using Adobe Illustrator (it gives the best results for high quality print output), but what about if you are making your data in Adobe Photoshop?