New PDF magazine submission guidelines

From August 2010, we are now asking our customers submitting magazine data by PDF to please use our new PDF/x settings. These settings will flatten any transparency/drop-shadow effects used in your document during the PDF creation process and reduce the risk of transparency errors when your data is output to plate.

When preparing a print-ready PDF file from Adobe InDesign, follow the same steps as our original tutorial to ensure your file is set up properly and then, when presented with the export settings dialog box, simply select our handy preset file from the drop-down list. Click ‘Export’ and sit back as InDesign takes care of the rest.

General settings dialog box

Download the Mojoprint PDFx preset file here.

Decompress the file and place it in your system files in the location below (for CS2 users and above). This will make it available in your drop-down export presets menu:

Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe PDF > Settings