Outlining fonts

Fonts are files on your computer that are used to write the text in your design. When you send that design to someone else, unless they have the same font files on their computer too, the design will look very different. So we require that all fonts are outlined in […]

About color

At Mojoprint we use a full-color printing technique called offset lithography. The process uses 4 color inks, known as process colors — cyan, magenta, yellow and black to reproduce all the colors in your document.

Print resolution dpi

Dpi, or dots per inch, refers to the number of dots printed in a linear inch. The pixel dimensions of your digital image and the size it is printed at, will determine its resolution. Pixel dimensions also determine file size.

Color settings and color workflow

When designing for print, you are faced with the fundamental problem of viewing CMYK documents on RGB monitors. Calibrating your monitor correctly and creating a good color workflow are ways to ensure that what you see on screen is what you get back from the printing press are the same.