Calendars for every occasion

Hang them on the wall, put them on your desk or even carry them in your pocket — we have a calendar for every occasion. 

Mojoprint currently offers 3 types of calendars to show off your artwork, photographs or products.  

Wall calendars

These are like magazines turned on their sides. Folded and stapled in the middle, they have 16 pages. You can use the available pages to either show large, full page landscape (horizontal) photos for every two months of the year, or smaller, portrait (vertical) images for each of the 12 months.

One photo, two months version or one photo, one month version

One photo - two months type calendarOne photo - one month type calendar


View complete layout diagram for a 16pp wall-type calendar (type 1)


View complete layout diagram for a 16pp wall-type calendar (type 2)

This leaves space for a front cover, a back cover and a whole spread inside (either pages 2 and 3 or pages 14 and 15) which can be used to show information about the calendar (as an introduction) or as a spread of the 12 months as small blocks.The wall calendars come in two sizes, the small A4 size (A5 pages) or the standard A3 size (A4 pages). These sizes refer to the calendar size when hanging – ie a spread.


Desktop case calendars

These calendars sit on your desk or table top, with the 14 individual cards (12 months and a cover and back page) held together in a plastic jewel case.Choose from 3 sizes: CD size, postcard size or the landscape wide type.


Pocket calendars

These full color pocket sized calendars make great promotional tools. With your company logo or an image on the front and the 12 calendar months as mini blocks on the back, not only do they promote your business but are functional too. Pocket calendars have rounded corners and are matt laminated on both sides for a sleek, smooth professional finish.