Flyer turnaround time changes announcement

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we have re-jigged the turnaround on our 4c/0c and 4c/1c coat flyer products from a 1 day to a 2 day turnaround with immediate effect. This is to bring them in line with our matt-coat and uncoated flyer products.

Up until now we have offered 4c/0c and 4c/1c coat flyers with a 1 day turnaround and 4c/4c with a 2 day turnaround. From now on they will all be the same 2 day turnaround.

We understand however that many of our customers have come to rely upon the 1 day turnaround coat product and so we are rolling out a new Express Flyers product to offer the same 1 day option as before.

The Express Flyers product will cost marginally more than the new 2 day standard turnaround product but will mean you can still get your flyers that extra bit faster if necessary. The Express Flyers product will be limited to coat paper (70kg, 90kg, 110kg and 135kg weights) and either 4c/0c or 4c/1c.