Important notice: Earlier daily submission deadline

With effect from November 1st, we are bringing our daily submission deadline for new orders forward an hour from 11am to 10am. Any orders received after this time will be processed throughout the day for inclusion into the following day’s print run.

In an attempt to ease congestion during the busy morning period and ensure a smooth production flow at the factory we are asking our customers to please submit their orders (and data) before 10am. We are adjusting our office hours to provide email and phone support from the earlier time of 9am.

If your job is time critical and simply *must* go into that given day’s run, rather than scramble at 9:59am we urge you to submit your order the night before since in many cases there may be an issue with the data that needs to be fixed before your file can be accepted as print-ready.

A new warning message will be included into the order process to remind you of the new deadline before submitting your order online.

We thank you for your understanding.