2011 Calendar templates

By popular demand we have now added basic 2011 calendar templates to our layout templates download page.
The templates have been created with Adobe InDesign (CS3+) and are geared towards advanced users.

The templates include 15 months worth of basic date grids from January 2011 thru March 2012 and are complete with all the Japanese National Holidays.

Everything is set up with style sheets for easy manipulation of the fonts and table cells. Use as is or just as a starting point for your own custom calendar. Be sure to choose the template that corresponds to the type of calendar you wish to order, be it a desktop case calendar or a magazine style wall calendar.

When your masterpiece is complete, simply export a PDF using the Mojoprint Job Options settings just as you would for a magazine or other multipage item.

A note about wall calendars

You may notice that the magazine style wall calendar templates have been layed out as 8 or 14 single A3 pages, rather than the actual 16 or 28 single A4 pages. This is because it is not actually possible to arrange pages vertically in InDesign, only side by side – which would mean you have to constantly be turning your head 90 degrees to see what you are doing.

The trick then is to design like this and then as a last step copy everything to a blank 16 or 28 page A4 document, rotating each A3 page across a two page spread. Exporting this new document will result in the final print file. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this step however, simply send us the PDF as exported from our template.