Christmas and New Year cards

We’ve added a new product to our range in the run up to Christmas — folded greeting cards. Similar to our postcard products but scored for easy DIY folding, these cards will be sure to impress your valued clients and customers. Available in a range of sizes and papers and with prices starting from just 6100yen for 100 regular mini cards, they won’t blow your Christmas shopping budget either!

Matt coat or Mirror coat?

Whether you choose the regular 220kg matt coat cards, the glossy 220kg mirror-coat variety or our super deluxe gloss laminate cards, you can be sure to impress this year with your own custom printed greeting cards. Choose the glossy mirror coat gold card when you will be writing messages by hand or stamping the insides as the reverse side is totally uncoated. The matt-coat stock on the other hand is evenly coated on both sides and so will not take water based ink as well.

The size is the thing

Available in three sizes, mini A7 (A6 folded in half) for cute little cards, Square CD (Y0 folded in half) and Standard A6 (A5 folded in half). The sizes listed are the finished folded size, but due to the nature of 220kg paper stocks however, we are unable to actually fold the cards (our machines may break them) and so they will be delivered to you flat and pre-scored for easy DIY folding. Folding pre-scored cards by hand this way ensures a perfect, clean fold.

Landscape or portrait?

Whether you choose to create your design for a vertical standing card or a tent-style horizontal card, the price is of course the same. You can even get creative and ask us to score along the long axis for very wide, thin cards.

A card is for life not just for Christmas

But of course greeting cards can be used for more than just celebrating Christmas. Whatever the occasion, wedding, party or Bar Mitzvah, greeting cards make a powerful yet personal marketing tool.

Greeting cards