Zip it!

So your design is finished, you’ve been through the checklist Perfect printing – every time and you’re ready to upload your files.

If you have multiple files eg. files for the front and the back of your design, and/or linked images, we ask that you send them to us as one archived file. We have set up our system this way (one order, one file) to minimize potential problems.

Creating Archive Files

It’s simple to make an archive file, both Windows and Macintosh having .zip compression built in to the OS. Â

On a PC, simply select all the files, right click (will reveal contextual menu) > Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder.Â

On a Mac, select all the files, right click or option click (will reveal contextual menu) > Create Archive or on Leopard Compress Files.

This will result in your files being copied into one archived file with the .zip extension. Creating archives/compressing files this way also results in smaller file sizes than the sum of the multiple parts, so will make your wait shorter when uploading through the website.Â

Give the archived file an appropriate name and you are ready to upload.