Charity event sponsorship – part two

After the devastating earthquake of March 11th, we announced our print sponsorship campaign for our customers organising charity events. From the first few days after the quake struck, requests for sponsorship have been overwhelming.

We have proudly sponsored scores of events over the past few months, some part and many fully sponsored. We have printed flyers, postcards, business cards and posters for events up and down the country.

Trying to sponsor them all however is proving an impossible task and since we want to support as many events as possible, for as long as possible, we have decided instead to simply restructure our offer.

We are now offering 1000 copies of our standard A6 size flyers (4c/1c 135kg coat/matt-coat/uncoated) and free delivery to one location in Japan. One set per event. In exchange we simply ask that our logo be placed somewhere on the back. We can add it to your data once we receive it.

In order to qualify for the offer, your event must of course be 100% not for profit and target the international community as far as possible.